A Real Estate Marketing Company – Capital Marketing Pvt Ltd

Capital Marketing Pvt Ltd is Pakistan No 1 well established and renowned Real Estate Marketing company. Shahid Khan, the CEO of Capital Marketing has great success and journey throughout his career. He started the company from scratch where it was too much close competition to prove yourself but having solid firm and faith he not only achieved the projects but he implemented it successfully.

Now as the Real Estate Business is expanding day by day, the marketing strategies and techniques are changing with the time as well. A lot of societies are being inaugurated in the marketing so its become very important for the end user to be aware of the background of the project so they can invest into the projects without any hassle.

Shahid Khan, CEO Dream

Shahid Khan, the CEO of Capital Marketing Pvt Ltd has a vision “We build Your Family Future”. The Team of Capital Marketing ensures to provide the correct

Shahid Khan, CEO of Capital Marketing
Shahid Khan, CEO of Capital Marketing

List of Recent Projects By Capital Marketing?

Capital Marketing Pvt ltd has credit that not only they took up the project from scratch, they designed it, developed it and marketing it as well. A Few projects are mentioned here for reference.

  1. Rayyan residency
  2. Gold Point Mall
  3. Marvel Arcade

The Most 5 Completed Projects by Capital Marketing?

The History of Capital Marketing shows various successful and completed projects which are done in the heart of twin city. They are as follow:

  1. Mid City
  2. Park Avenue
  3. Tabeer Arcade

Services Offered by Capital Marketing

Capital Marketing Pvt Ltd Offers services which are important for any Real Estate Business, it include:

  1. Marketing
  2. Advertising
  3. Interior Designing
  4. Consultancy &
  5. Project Managment

In order to consult with their services, you can approached them over phone at: +92345-7777737 or email them at: info@capitalmarketing.pk

Is there any Real Estate Portal related to Apartments?

In Pakistan there are various Real Estate Portals, such portals are either in rich in functionality or scraping the data from other websites. The Real Estate Business is very diverse in nature as most of the portal claim they have biggest data bank of properties and real estate agents.

What are the Most 5 Real Estate Portals to Considered for Authentic Information?

You might have come across various Real Estate portal while searching on Google but for you ease, we have listed down few websites for you from where you can get the reliable information of any project and they have strong backbone database.

  1. Zameen.com
  2. Lamudi.pk
  3. Starmarketing.com
  4. Pak-e-Property.com
  5. Aarz.pk

Is there Any Apartment Related Real Estate Portal?

As mentioned above the most searchable Real Estate Business in Pakistan, so they have developed a separate portion which is dedicated for Apartment. Yes, we have come across a portal with the name of Maskan.pk which will be Pakistan first ever Apartment Real Estate Portal.

How Maskan.pk is Different from Other Real Estate Portal?

Maskan.pk is purely designed and developed solely for people who are interested in Apartments. People who either are interested in selling or purchasing of an apartment. In other websites, they have to search and filter the properties which are purely Apartment related whereas we have classified all apartments so the user can search it accordingly.

Moreover, not only we are covering the apartments we are giving an opportunity to Real Estate agents to advertise and publish their entire project with us.

UNICEF – Partnership Management Information System & UN CPP

You might have heard of various Management Information system but you rarely have seen the Partnership Information system. A system where CSO’s are registered, UN Agencies will have the access of all Partner Profiles.

For UN Agencies the most important thing while selecting a partner is to review the partner profile and their expert area and in which area they are interested. Mostly, UN agencies tends the tender in newspaper to hire the services in various areas and sectors and collect the applications of all CSO’s. After reviewing the applications, they analyze them and evaluate them and give them scoring based upon the given criteria. The criteria may normally include following information:

  1. Financial Management.
  2. Internal Governance.
  3. Organization Profile and program delivery.

These sections contain various multiple questions, each questions carry weight based upon the calculation total marks will be calculated and then they will be selected to hire the services. Now, all of these manual work has been replaced with an Online System where UNICEF can advertise an application. The link will be published in the newspaper to inform CSO’s to apply against the application.


  1. CSO’s can submit their online profile, they can edit and update their project information.
  2. UN have the access to review the partner profile of CSO, they can view the Project History and Financial values.
  3. No Manual work required, evaluation and pre-screening can be done online.
  4. The Job Application can be advertise online with all project information, like Deadline of Project, Project Document, Expression of Interest, Background of Application, Application and Requirement Timeline & Process & Timelines.

PMIS UNICEF Demonstration:

The Team of SAGEHIVE SMC PVT LTD has the credit to develop the application for UNICEF PMIS. In order to view the application, visit our demo application at the given link below:


The Homepage of the website is comprised of major Three Sections:

  1. Expression of Interest: This section is categorized into various section through which the CSO can explore the additional document attached with Expression of Interest.

A. The Expression of Interest is further categorized into Call for Expression of Interest. It will display the basic information for which country services are required and what is the address of office etc

  1. Background: The Background will gives the basic idea behind the project
  2. Application Requirements and Time: This will help the customer to review the application submission date and deadline for the application to apply
  3. Process and Time: This section is very important for CSO’s as it will give them an idea about criteria for selection, eligibility, partnership & Agreement plus the Review and submission policies.

B. PMIS Registration: The CSO’s can register at the Click here link and provide the basic information for registration.

Pakistan and New Emerging Ecommerce Trends

Pakistan is in the process of revolution with the passage of time, now people are thinking of setting up their Business online. People have come to the conclusion that they have to coup up with new Trends in order to increase their profitability and Sales. But the question arises how to do it.

Ready Made System VS Custom Solutions?

More often, people think that its as easy to setup their business online and increase their sale straight away but its not as easy. You have to follow some guidelines to give an impression to your end users that you are aware of the latest Trends?

  1. Are you socially linked with your customers? Do you have any direct Interaction with them through Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn or other social Platform
  2.  Have you registered a domain using Keywords Research by looking at your competitors?
  3. Does your website fully equipped with Latest Google trends, & other websites measures?
  4. Are you aware with the features to be developed? As it will help you in selecting the platform.

There are various ready made solutions available in the market through which you can setup your Ecommerce Business online by hiring a GUI person.

  1. Open Cart
  2. Magento
  3. Prestashop
  4. shopify

Though, there are also other Solutions available through which you can setup your Business online as they have small foot print like

  1. Codeigntor
  2. Laravel
  3. Custom PHP


Helping Small Businesses to Make their Business Go Online

Pakistan is is currently at the edge of introducing latest technologies and trends into different business and ventures. Twin cities of Pakistan which are the main hub of Technologies. You will find various Software Houses and Call Centers emerging to create a road map for the business.

SAGEHIVE PVT LTD has focused to create a platform for the Local Market and focused on the local customers to help them to expand their business. Rawalpindi a city which is directly connected to Islamabad so you can assume there is an opportunity for the software houses to offer their services.

We have intended to focuses different nature of business, it include Real Estate, Marketing Companies, Furniture Markets. We have intended and capture the focus of small scale business. In our portfolio we have reputed clients, clients like:

  1. Capital Marketing Pvt
  2. Brisk Marketing Pvt
  3. Electronic General Supplies
  4. EPDCS  

We have Team of Expert Website Designers and Website Developers, having expertise in UI Design, Development. Our focus is to provide the cheap and cost effective solution in order to help their business online to setup their Online Ecommerce Portal or website.